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Please let us introduce ourselves, some of our key personnel, and a bit about how we came to be!

Cedar Falls Resort Entrance

Entrance To YOUR Cedar Falls Resort!

Cedar Falls Resort Community Pool

You And Your Family Will LOVE The Seasonal Heated Pool! 

Cedar Falls Resort Cabins

No Two Alike Located On HUGE Wooded Lots!

Cedar Falls Resort Playground Area

The Children Will Have A GREAT Time In The PLayground Area!

Cedar Falls Resort Covered Bridge

Covered Bridge At The Entrance To YOUR Cedar Falls Resort!

Cedar Falls Resort Fishing Pond

A Catch & Release Pond Stocked With Fish For GREAT Family Fun!

Cedar Falls Resort It Has It ALL

Your New Home Away From Home In The Smokies!

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About Us

Bill Morgan - Owner / CEO
     After visiting the Smokies for many years, I've had a dream...a dream to open a Smokies Overnight Rental Business!  During years of visiting, and staying with various leading rental companies, I've acquired many ideas on how I would try and run a like business if I ever had that once-in-a-lifetime chance...well that chance is here!

     This company is built on some very important principles. First - Ultimate Guest Service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you will be able to speak with a person should a situation arise, and SHOULD a situation arise, we plan to address any problem promptly, and with a fervor!  Second: A State-Of-The-Art website that will facilitate Guests planning their upcoming vacation to see MANY photos of EVERY room in EVERY accommodation, photos showing parking availability, how steep the driveways might be, and on and on, and speaking of photos...two things you will NOT find, one is photos with doctored or 'photoshoped' fake views, the view you see in the NUMEROUS photos will be ACTUAL VIEWS! NOR will you find outdated photos, we plan to update every accommodations photos REGULARILY, no photos will be more than two years old, a lot can change rapidly, and we very much intend to keep RECENT photos at your fingertips 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Thirdly: You will know upfront EXACTLY how far an accommodation is to say the nearest restaurant, the nearest store, how far off the Parkway, how far it is to major landmarks, etc.  This website will offer much more photos / detailed information than you typically will find on any accommodations website anywhere in the world.  We very much intend to do the very best we can to insure your upcoming long-awaited vacation is as perfect as it can be!
       We have also entered into a long-term arrangement with a company Blessed with more detailed coverage of a vacation area than anywhere in the entire world! has (as of this writing) 27,000+ pages, and 50,000+ photos of the Smokies area, and provides unheard of functionality to vacationers planning their upcoming vacations,  and will be providing us exposure that no other internet presence in the Smokies can provide, exceeding one million page views per month, for not only our potential Guests to find US, but to also insure that the strategic partnership with our family of homeowner's receive the extreme internet exposure that their luxury accommodations deserve, currently unavailable ANYWHERE else, and we plan to leave no-stone-unturned in regards to our constant communications between us and our family of homeowners, that make our luxury, creme-of-the-crop accommodations available to us, and ultimately...TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!
Welcome Video From CEO Bill Morgan February 22nd, 2013
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